Thursday, June 28, 2007


Wow I've been bad at updating this! hehe and that while so much has changed! Remember that killer exam I had to take?; I wrote it (ages ago) and passed it :) YAY and since then all I've done is wait for a clinical spot which I now finally got; I start end of July with my (6 week) family-practice posting at the Purfleet Care Clinic. Purfleet is a tiny town on the ouskirts of Greater London... but much more than that I dont really know yet. I'm going there in about to weeks to meet with my clinical directors and figure out what to do about living; basically to figure out everything... :)
Besides for waiting and waiting and some more waiting I havent done much... It seems silly but the thing was each time I was told (or at least let to believe) that I would start my clinicals soon so I couldnt get a job (no one would hire me for 2 weeks or so) and I couldnt really leave to go traveling or something... So most of my time I spent emailing my clinical directors or phoning them... But thank god (knock on wood) that is all over now and I finally get to start (almost a year! after I finished on the island...)
But time here waiting other than being highly frustrating was highly amusing too; I got back into a routine with my friends which is awesome and I got to celebrate my favorite day of the year Queens day with them and this wonderful town again! Yay

I also took a small trip to Warsaw to see dad and then to Krakow to see Eddie and that was loads of fun and was like a mini vacation.
Last week 5 of us rented a car and spent a long weekend at our cottage in the woods which was awesome too (besides the 370 euro crack in our windshield)

K thats my life for the last couple of months. I'm sure that now that more stuff is happening in my life again and since I am moving away again I will try harder to keep this site posted! :)


Blogger Rijlaarsdam said...

Fiet, wat leuk, een verhaal van je!! Het was al weer zo'n tijd stil aan het averond. Gefeliciteerd met je plek. Ben benieuwd hoe het je gaat bevallen. Leuk om te lezen dat je het weer zo naar je zin het. Idd, bijna een jaar sinds je weg bent..tss. Mijn tijd zit er ook bijna op. Nog een paar weken werken en dan op naar Nederland!! *pinkt traan weg*. Hee succes met alles en tot horens

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