Thursday, August 03, 2006


This was seriously funny, sorry to have worried some of you with my warning cause nothing happened!!
Tuesday we got official warnings from all sites that tropical storm Chris was gonna hit us. Was weird to see the name of our island on CNN & weather channel and such :)
The school is our source when it comes to storm info and they didnt just sent an email as usual but they came into our classes to warn us to get prepared (water, candles, batteries, remove chairs and such from balconies) and that school including library and stuff was going to close completely!! Then Chippie (our mobile phone network) sent all its customers a warning too.... well then we started to take it a bit more serious. Everyone bought their candles, water and such and we warned our families that we might be unavailable for a while.

And then we barricaded ourselves inside, watched tv and used the internet just waiting for the moment that all that would dissappear. Around 00:00 i was getting seriously tired and decided to no longer wait for Chris to get us so went to bed; I even forgot to close my balcony door!! Next morning I woke up and there was only a tiny puddle of water that proofed that there had been some rain. Chris had turned about 1 hour before it was going to hit us!! Haha hilarious; we've had so many storms pass us sooo much closer and giving us soo much more grief (wind, rain, electricity outage)and we never got such excessive warnings for those... But thats enough on Chris, who didnt get to us :)

So what else been happening since I wrote last? I had my exams and they were excellent for change :) Psych actually didnt kick my butt and I was very happy with my A :) Also I brought my grades up for Clin Med so all is well in medical study land again (wonder if it had anything to do with lack of distractions...?)
Since exams i would have to admit i havent done much; first I partied a lot (mmmmm Loula rum...) and then i focused on my community patient project and then last weekend Evert came back and the dutchie group finally grew again (to a total of 4!) and Remco, Sonja and I "zenned" his house while he cooked us a lovely dinner.

Now the big board in class tells me that we have 14 days left and I am starting to accept it and am starting to feel ready. For a while I was actually thinking about coming back here after I am done in Chicago, but it feels like avoidance behaviour, it prolly will be all different anyways and it is time for something new...
One more week and then I will be taking my last finals ever!


Blogger Fabian said...

Wat?! Heb je gewoon je balkondeur open laten staan? Heel handig... :)
Maar gelukkig dat ie af is gebogen.
Hoe ist verder? Is Engeland al definitief?

1:47 AM  

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