Saturday, April 09, 2005

Small update

So I havent really received any emails for quite a while > this kinda clued me in on the fact that it has been ages since I wrote you guys myself. And I need your emails cause the homesickness has hit me hard again (been told I went thru the exact same thing last semester :) > dont wanna be here anymore right now, want to be home and be with all you guys . But I cant! :( Dont worry as soon as finals are over I'll be fine again again.)

Finals (cumulative exams) start this week and the grazyness has already started. I spent wednesday and thursday in class from 8 till 8 straight!! And today (saturday!) I actually have lab from 4-7...
Plus today is the memorial service for our friend that died last semester So all and all not my best day...

Ok enough whining > here is an actual small update
I am doing fine! Time flew by this semester mainly due to the presence of great friends. Speaking of which I've gotten request for pictures of "the dutchies" here they are. First picture is of the boys and the second is Marijn and I. This pictures actually grands the other weird?!! request I got of me in scrubs!! Hehehe

School is fine > not much exciting happening there, friends wise its funny I am becoming more and more a part of the dutch community here (more like dutch "click") but its all good.
The two boys have left and thats kinda weird and I miss them lots:(

Ok I have been procrastenating way too much I gotta get back to my anatomy now..:)
I dont know if I'll have time to write before finals are over but I'll certainly try.

Lots of love and kisses!

P.s I voted here on Statia yesterday and it was a very interesting experience! that I'll tell more about next time But the entire island was put on an alcohol inhibition!! and people got off from work just so they would vote :) hehehe


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