Sunday, September 26, 2004

Perfect scenario

Goodmorning everyone!

And what a good one it is,, well at least for me...*G*
Let me set the scenario for you:

Its ten in the morning, i just woke up, and i am sitting on my balcony in my lazy wicker chair, staring out over the caribean sea! with my glass of orange juice and my laptop on my lap writing this! Come on can it get any better then this? How lucky am I?!!! Ok I can already hear some of you thinking, isn't she suposed to be in med school? Yes I am and believe me I haven't forgotten cause its' great!
I seriously wake up every morning (at6:45) with a smile; the sun is already up (no more stupid drowsy wheather, no more turning on the lights, no more cold feet the moment you get out of bed!) and i am gonna to go to classes that I absolutely love. Every single course is goood and very interesting on top of that i have amazing proffesors.

Ok i know some of you are already starting to feel a litle queezy from all the overexcited happiness so i'll tone it down a little.
I'll tell you guys about my week and shedule. This week I already had my first set of exams (that's why I didn't email last sunday) on wednesday and thursday, which made monday review day and tuesday study day! And on friday its' straight back to lectures :-) I did good on my exams...*G*
But medschool is like studying for finals every single day. I couldn't believe myself when i found myself in the library 3 hours after I had finished my exams! And the same on friday and saturday evenings and nights. Funny he? Never thought i was that studyous...
But my usual shedule goes like this: i wake up at 6:45, bike to school at 7:30 (the bikeride there takes about 10 min. but going back is like 1!) then i have classes from 8 till noon and again from 1 till 3. After school i go home eat something and usually take a nap *G*, then i study for an hour or so before i go to gym on monday and fridays, swim in tuesdays and thursdays and to play basketball on wednesday. If we play the locals they kick our ass in skirts and bare feet!!! After that either another hour of studying or straight to diner. After diner i study anywhere between 3 to 6/7 hours untill midnight sometimes two/three in the morning...

But i have fun too, i think i have a good balance and i have made some friends. I dont really think you can call people you have known for a month "friends" yet but life here is so different and you really see them everywhere and all the time. You live with them (or right next to them), you have class wih them, you see them in the library, run into them in every store (1 of the 4!) and if you go out you know for sure you're gonna run into other students! (same goes for the proffessors b.t.w which is quite funny) Last tuesday i ran into one of my profs in the store where she told me that my exam had been moved to a new location and that i should focus on my kreps cycle!! She likes me... *G*
I usually have diner with at least someone from my building. last week i didn't have to cook once cause i had exams i got fed by different people in my building every night. But mostly by Tuli and Avneesh. They are two girls from my building and very sweet, i get along with them very well. Last fridaynight we had a lady's night, i made tacos and tuli brought a full pitcher of pina colada! The two other girls who were there were Arminee and Mauriel, they don't live in this building but are pretty cool too.
Then there is Janwe (hanway) who is bolivian/taiwanes/american an the baby of the building and also my buddy. In the four weeks he's been here he has gotten himself in so much trouble already and then i get late night phonecalls: "are you still up? I REALLY need to talk to you!" hihi he makes me laugh
Other one from building is Raffi, who's this very stable guy thats' always there for everyone all the time and is like a big brother to me.(shows me how to hang my laundry and stuff)
Right next door to me is Sam and Sam is just too sweet and too polite! He loves cooking and always leaves a bit for me to taste! He even tries to prepare his dishes in such a way that they are gluten free so that I can have them!! He is also a medic so he fixed me up last week when I toke my first tumble of my bike...(oops *G*)
Outside of the building are Mauriel who's so sweet, she's like a mom. She just has to take care of everyone. But the last few days we have grown pretty close and study a lot together. By the end of the day (fourish) we like to go to the beach and study there. Which actually works remarkedly well (really)
And then there is Julian. I dont really know how to describe Julian... He is definetly the most weirdest person I have ever met. I dont even remember how i got him but he's always around. He's like this litle stray puppy that picked me and is now incredible loyal..hihi.
But he's very sweet; for once he brings me coffee every single morning!! (he says its' for his benefit not mine) and brings me bottles of wine when he has screwed up etc....

Ok i think I have already talked way to long, i have to get to the library and get some studying done.
And by the way, the fact that I am so happy here doesn't mean for one second that i don't really miss you guys, cause i really do!!!
lots of kisses!


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