Saturday, October 16, 2004

Alright again

Hello everyone,

Am all alright again, sorry bout confusing last email; me whining etc.... What happened was that I got a bit sick and well most of you know me well enough to realise that that brings me down ( a lot). I am all ok again, i just lacked some minerals in my blood, so now i take supplements....Instantly my mood is better, thanks for all the concern and all the sweet and wonderfull emails, trying to cheer me up. That helped a lot, that and two little grazy/amazing friends that came online behind a webcam and just went wild for half an hour, so much that people in the comp.hall starting shssing me and looking at me whether i had gone grazy so shortly before exams. (dank je wel schatjes!)
The concern came across in all your emails so dont worry anymore and the other message came across too! Yes maybe I am a bit overdoing it on the studying, but i dont know how I all of sudden got this way!? The moment came that i started to realise it too; i was getting ready to go to the library when i tried to close my bag and it wouldn't close anymore!!!! It was too full with books... (i am turning into a rory *G*). So yep, that never happened to me before and i am gonna ahave to prevent it from happening again (by buying a new bag over christmas hihi) Anyways school is going fine, I just finished my second set of exams and now we have what we call reading break; which is just a long weekend but an amazing holiday to us!
Most of the students actually leave the island, i didn't. I was suppose to go sailing with Julian but the boat wasn't ready so Julian went to st Kitts and most of thet other people allready made plans for St. Maarten so I decided to stay here instead with the boys (all my girlsfriends went to st maarten). I am doing some small reading and finally found time (unfortunately) to clean my fridge. But i did get one of my friends car for the weekend which is just too chill, me and the boys go the beach every day (about to go in half an hour) and yesterday we went to the store and stocked up for a month. Nice to have that freedom for a couple of days.
We stayed on the beach untill it was just too dark and almost cold even. There are two so called beaches on this island, one on the caribean side, which isn't really a beach anymore since the last mayor hurricane but the water is really calm on that side and you can really swim there. On the atlantic side however is a proper beach with sand and everything. The sea there can be incredibly rough though (the surfers love it) and whatever you do in the water you cant really call it swimming. Yesterday me and Jimmy just sat in the surf for about an hour and came up with a business plan. The sand in the surf was so nice that we used it to scrub ourselves with and o my god!! my skin has never been this soft!!! So we figured that if we bottled it up we could sell it for very good money!! hmmm well we can always dream
Ok gotta stop for a while cause boys are here and wanna go to beach

SO now am at library, beach took a little longer then we thought, was a little party going on with a bon-fire and everything and after that we watched a movie. But before i go off to chocolates again to shoot some pool, i need to get some studying done right here.
so this will be it for right now, please keep writing lots and lots and dont leave any details out that is the stuff that actually keeps me in the loop while being out here. Karen, Dorrit, Willemien, Christine en tante Ella have really mastered that quality, dank jullie wel!!

Ok untill later, propably even before reading break ends... *G* xxxx

p.s the 54 days are the days untill I'll be home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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