Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I know i know, its' been way too long since i wrote an update. But actually not much has happened its' just the same old same old (read study, study study and some more) Actually the only exciting thing so far has been the Haloweenparty last weekend. Since we live on this tiny island we had to be pretty inventive and create our own costumes. I wasn't that inventive but you could still call it a costume I think.. So here's a photo of me and my mentor Shannon (which doesn't mean very much except that see gave me an amazing dvd full of exams reviews etc.) and it was a complete coincidence that we actually looked the same.

Pure Evil Has Never Looked This Good

SO enjoy the picture cause i dont have any more time right now to write more.
Barbara Binnekade: schatje wat vreselijk dat het de hele tijd mis gaat met onze email blijkbaar heb ik er ook een heleboel van jou gemist, hopelijk komt deze nu wel aan.
p.s am still waiting on the picture of someone else in his costume........ *G* no i did not label the picture myself but the guy who made it did (quite nice of him actually hihi)


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