Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hyperbaric, exams, poker & Evert's inauguration

So Time for an update I thought... Lets start with last weeks sunday. Since this was the sunday before exams and we always only seem to get hyperbaric patients in exam weeks, my phone started ringing at 21:00; time to go to the chamber. Now usually this means you loose about 2 hours max; you show up, go into the chamber for 45 minutes, drive a little bit maybe and then there will be someone to take over. However for me something changed this semester; I was made supervisor! Now it sounds cool, I mean I was honored by the "promotion" but honestly its not that much. Cause basically it means I am the first one there and the last one to leave (got to bed at 4 in the morning) and in between the only thing I do is tell other people what to do!!
So after that night my rhythm was kinda off....
And then thursday I had exams; which for the first time since I've been here did not go too well. Clin med just absolutely killed me! (and all of the rest of the class, so we are going to have to see how our grades turn out; cause something definetly aint right) I did fine on Path & Ethics, but again did not get the grade for psych that I wanted; I study for it, I like it and than I do (much) worse than I expect to do on the actual exam. Now I had this problem once before, with Neurowhich until this day is still my all time favorite subject, but that one didn't "click" till 3rd exams and I actually ended up with an A in that class....So there is still hope for Psych too. Now after the exams it was party time!!! :) None of the dutchie group were up for it but I had been dying for a good night out all week, it was the beginning of reading break, so I hung out with students. There was a party for Billy cause it was his birthday, which ended at Sonny's (local Chinese restaurant) with POKER :) and our own bottles on the table. I haven't had this much fun in ages! I played and more than that I won!! 6 rounds in a row! Check out my chips! Basically it ended with me not going to bed till it was light out...

Next day (friday) there was a bbq around (in) the pool as an early going away party of the boys and that night continued as so many friday nights at Smoke Alley & finally Chucky's

Now Saturday was a different story (i woke up at 3...) I accompanied Evert to his official inauguration as Secretary for the Lions Club (international volunteer orginisation). It was supposed to start at 7:30, we got there a bit late (see Everts blog for details) at 7:45 but were the second ones there!!! I think the ceremony didnt really start till like 9!!!Which also meant we didnt eat till 10! But the wine did flow till that point :) Good wine (yumm yumm) for the first time for me on Statia! After a thank you speech from one of the Lions, in which I was refered to as "Mrs. Evert", we showed Statians that white people do can dance :)

And tomorrow (sunday) morning I am leaving for Anguilla....:)


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