Friday, May 19, 2006

I finally did it!

Hello sweet people,

So I am back on island and I've finally did it; THE QUILL it only took me almost 2 years to make it up this huge volcano but we did do it in record time (at least that's what I tell myself :) ) and I am offcourse incredibly proud of myself!!
But lets start at the beginning cause I've been getting quite a few emails with questions about what my plan is etc cause yes!!! :) the count-down board here tells me I am graduating in exactly 90 days!! :)

But what's my plan : basically I don't know (yet). As many of you guys know my (Dutch) dean here quit end last year and with him my original plan of going back kinda disappeared. So since then and mainly my last break (that's why I hardly had time to see any of you) I've spent a lot of time trying to transfer into (after my BS) one of the Dutch University's but as all the Dutch ppl on this mailinglist will know the Dutch system is tight and so filled with rules that no one seems to know what to do with me and therefore most just end up not doing anything at all :(

But I applied to all university's back home and now I am basically waiting on their answers (1 no so far) to see if I can come home... If I get 8 no's I wont be coming home in August/September and there are a few options from there but the first thing I will probably do in that case is go to Chicago first for 6/7 weeks to take Kaplan cause in this case I will probably decide to take the american board exam (the USMLE step 1). If I cant go to the Netherlands to do my clinicals I can a) just go to the states within my own university --> my least favorite option, b) transfer to another university in the states (after the step 1), c) Transfer to another European med school or d) do all my clinicals and get licensure in England with my own university which then should be transferable
I'll keep you guys posted :)

But its good to be back, I love my little island and the closer I get to having to leave it the more I realize how much I am going to miss it when I am going to be gone and the first things that still come to mind: waking up in the dark and cold floor on my feet > man I am definitely not looking forward to that :(
Anyways till then I am definitely enjoying myself> Tom's back :) ; he was actually on the same flight as me again, this time without Rob unfortunately but with a new dude called Fabian. And unfortunately they don't live right next door this time but in the cottages around the pool so I actually have to walk thru my entire backyard to get to them :( :) And then there are two other new dutchie guys (here on internship with the architect --> something about the queen coming and new streets or something...) So our Friday night dutchie diner group is very full (although the last 2 weeks I was a real minority) and lots of fun. Most of my neighbours / flatmates left but the ones that came back for them are really cool too
Schools (very) good too > I had my first "on-duty" today :) Soooo cool --> it actually feels like we're becoming doctors now and I actually knew what they (the doctor I got assigned to) were talking about and got all the questions right and I got my own patient now too. But I am exhausted > being on duty means getting up at 6 :( and I am def. not used to that anymore --> have incredibly cool schedule now of not starting till 10 (unless you're on duty obviously) so I;ve gotten very used to sleeping till 9 :)Plus I've been extremely busy with the 3 programs that I run; tutoring is running smoothly now and the peer program is also really taking off --> I've got my own office now :) very very cool :) and
I actually started counseling again yesterday and with the first person that came I was sooo nervous again cause I was just going over all "the rules" in my head and I kept thinking: "pokerface, pokerface, you're suppose to have a pokerface to not let them know you think that whatever they are telling you is weird" haha. But it went well and I was very happy with it. S4 I've been ignoring but that's def. top of my priority list for the weekend now.

OK I am going to stop because first of all I am tired and second of all I doubt any of you would be still interested if I just kept rambling on :)
But I miss all you guys lots and will talk to you soon. --> I haven't updated Ringo yet, but for those of you who never wanted to sign up and speciaal voor mijn vriendinnetjes all my Koniginnedag pictures are on this site (no sign in required): and the movies of the best day of the year are on hyves.

Lots of kisses!!!


Anonymous sonja said...

he leuk om eens te horen hoe jouw dagelijks leventje eruitziet.toch weer heel anders dan in de weekenden he!hahaha
nou ik heb je toegevoegd in de grote websites lijst,dus ook jij word nu in de gaten gehouden
groetjes Sonja

4:14 AM  

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