Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Once again hello sweet people :)

So I dont feel like I have much to tell you guys but it's been a couple of weeks so it really is time for the next update. But let me start with thanking all of you; I had so many responses this time and although I tried to email everybody back personally I didnt get round to just everyone. But Thank you for the emails! they were great & so much fun to read :)

So first of all on the university front; still dont know much more. I heard from Nijmegen, Utrecht & Groningen that they are looking into me. Maastricht & VU said no. But so far Rotterdam & the Erasmus university look the most promising. Basically I've gotten a letter back from them saying that I made it thru the 1st round (I fit the criteria --> grades / education wise), next is determination of in what year they will place me (basically how much they would want me to repeat) and after that I am still not completely done cause than I have to request a spot (basically be put on a waitinglist). So yes I'm starting to be a bit worried about it all --> I have to cancel Kaplan by June 28th for instance...But thats the good thing about Statia; you cant get to worked up about these things here.

What has happened since last update? hmmm lots of fun thats for sure; the friday night diner group is absolutely gigantic right now (last friday we actually had diner with 23 people!!!!) On top of the usual 7 there are now 4 interns from holland (Tom & Fabian --> working on golf project plus Ronald & Warry --> working on making plans for new streets), 4 marines/navy guys and Jo & Grant (archeology) have like 8 volunteers right now.
June 1st I had my first exams which could/should have gone better but still no C's so I cant complain... The 3 programs I run are now all doing incredibly well; I tutor at least 3 full hours each week (great review), counseling is going smoothly (next session is tonight) & S4 (step 1 review sessions) is incredibly succesful --> we've had review meetings every wednesday & sunday for the past 3 weeks and every time at least 20 ppl showed up which is a great turn-out for S4.

After the 1st it was time to PARTY :) but instead of having the regular going out dutchie diner we had a BBq on the beach at Dive Statia --> man that was soo much fun. 19 dutch ppl, 50 hambugers & 5 crates of beer & then the moment you play Andre Hazes (or some other nostalgic dutch song/singer) everybody goes banana's (we have a movie to prove it :), which I will size down & put on Hyves). After the BBq most ppl left but a few of us hung in there and made it to Smoke Alley till late/early in the morning. Needless to say my saturday wasnt too productive, neither was my sunday for that matter hahaha. O no actually I had another party on saturday...

Then last week I started to get back in a routine and the fact that my study budy Tonia was put on bed rest actually helped a lot; I would go to her house at 5 everyday and go over all the lectures with her at the end so I am actually up to date on my lectures for a change :)
Friday was a huge diner as I said & then Saturday I ended up on the Divers boat. That was so much fun (feels like holiday), the weather was perfect & the visibility great so I actually got to see a lot --> so at least 6 turtles & 8 sting-rays :), the lunch afterwards at Blue Beads with all the boys completed the feeling of it being holiday. Then in the evening I had diner with Warry & Ronald (barbeque man) and finally played Machiavelli again!
Last but obviously not least; SUNDAY --> the Statia-world-championship-madness began. Due to the time difference I actually had to get up @ 9 just to watch the game, but the first 20 minutes definetly woke me up! :) A group of us here have actually started a Statia-WK-poule in which Evert (the guy who doesnt even know what offside is! --> check his website) is actually taking the lead by 2 games!! (i'm on second place) I will ask Tom if I can make a link for you guys...

That leads me to my last point (in case I still have your attention); I've made my website running again; up till july 7th 2005 I used it to just archive my emails to all you guys, but I thought it might be a nice plan to actually start using it now. So I've added all my previous emails that I could still find (there's a big gap between july 2005 & april 2006) to this side also you will find links to the site of most the people I hang out with here, so it might be nice to check out their sites of the stories you hear from me :) (all are in Dutch I believe). Links to the other 3 sites of mine where you can find pictures & movies and room to leave a message :)
Site: www.sgoslings.blogspot.com
I will post small notices & pictures on there (no sign-up required) but I will continue to sent out my mailinglist which then in turn I will put on the website; so come and check it out :)

I've updated Ringo; pictures of the barbeque etc, I will update picturetrail today (had to wait for Floor to remove the Koniginnedag pictures...) and Hyves too

Well I think that is definetly enough for today --> time for clin med lecture

Lots of Love!


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