Sunday, July 16, 2006

One more month...

Wow I cant believe it is only one more month and my 2 years on this island are over. It makes me incredibly sad to be honest and even more honest really scared! :) I am gonna miss this place so much. Statia is like this little idealistic safe bubble; nothing drastic ever happens and everything that happens outside here cant really hurt you and actually goes completely past you ("o, there is another war in Isreal, really?" "O, our governement fell again? O like a month ago? Really?") and everything has its own pace. Thats going to be the biggest adjustment: getting used to the fast pace of the outside world (besides from the weather obviously).
But what scares me most of all? Clinicals! How can I possibly be ready to be let loose on actual patient, people with actual medical problems? I dont know anything! right? :) The fact that was actually soothing about having to transfer to Holland and having to do some time/courses over again was that I actually got to go back to school some more before they let me out in the real world (haha). I love studying and it sads me that that time is over...

Cause it looks like the England path as I described to you guys earlier is the way I am gonna go, although I am still waiting on news from Rotterdam. So that means August 27th I go to Chicago for 6 weeks to take Kaplan after that I plan to study anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks on my own for the Step-one, but where I dont know yet...probably the Netherlands but I might choose to stay in the States for that time and just take the exam there before I fly home. Then it takes several weeks for the results to come in so then clinicals & moving to England in like January, but its all still not certain so I'll keep you guys posted...

Anyways what happened the last 2 weeks?

First St Kitts obviously.

It was fun! Actually it is definetly my least favorite island of our neighbours (dont know why, it was kinda gloomy/depressing, although it reminded me of Africa) but I had soooo much fun at the music festival.
We saw Air Supply, Akon & Shaggy. Especially the last one got the party going. I just love festivals, chill atmosphere, sitting on the grass sipping your drink or standing in the crowd jumping up and down.
Now it took us some time to actually get there....Ala Statia :) We were supposed to leave at 9 but didnt leave until 3! with a different boat and a different captain then originally planned...But the boat ride was sooooooo much fun; it was really bumpy and for me it beats a roalercoaster everyday! :) I just did these little "screams" like "Weehee" to make it more exciting :) (hihi)

Once we got there and waited another 45 minutes to be cleared, we found our hotel ok. It had been really hard to still find a room, since the entire island was booked due to the festival and therefore more expensive but because we shared between the four (Fabian, Warry, Ronald & me)of us it was still affordable.

Views outside and inside our room

We spent the first couple of hours at the pool bar drinking cocktails and beers and then we found a really nice restaurant where I got to eat vegetarian food. And then it was festival time! :)
The next day we found a place on the beach to have breakfast/lunch and play several games of "toepen", but we thought we had to at least see some of the island so we found a taxi driver who drove us around the entire island, but the only thing I really like about it was a place called black rock.

Whole group

The next week was busy with Tom's birthday (karoake) and the first goodbye's :(
Wednesday Mattie left first and then later that night was the last night for the boys and Sanne so we had to do our normal wednesday-night routine of BBQ and then Chucky, who Ronald and I kept up till very early in the morning... And then after about 2 hours sleep I was at the airport saying goodbye :( (see previous post)
AND then the next day was once again a goodbye diner, but this time for one of the permanent "dutchies" Eygje! So right now until Evert comes back its just Remco, Sonja & me...which although I miss everyone very much might actually a good thing. Cause this week I actually got completely caught up, had meetings and tutored a lot.
Strange thing is that by friday I was actually ahead of schedule and right now I managed to be behind again.
O well thursday exams ...

Till after then!

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