Monday, October 16, 2006

Much colder dutchie

So far for my good resolution... Chicago (Kaplan) was just too intense and hence not much time left or desire to sit behind the comp. and type stories. But it was awesome and I probably had a bit too much fun
And now I'm back in little cold frogland and its good to be home, although I've been acting like a hermit...I'm now planning to take the Step 1 at the end of November although I dont feel like I could ever be ready then... My routine (idealistically) is get up at 7 (doesnt always work out that way...:( ) and study 10 hours a day so idealistically I'd have my evenings free to meet with friends or just do anything BUT studying --> realistically it turns out I study most of the nights too since I didnt get done what I wanted to get done. But everyday I get a break by going to this "new" gym around the corner which is very nice; pool, steamroom, sauna you name it and all the classes you can think of included.
So thats always a good break to get my head cleared out plus get a some energy again...

Since my life consist of studying mostly I really dont have that much interesting to tell you all except offcourse that I am shocked by the weather; it actually hailed today! no kidding the stones were like 1 cm in diameter!! COME ON! well nothing like home sweet home... :)

Till next update
x, much colder dutchie!


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