Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finally!! :)

Hey guys sorry for the long no posting session; I'll really try to be better from now on although right now I am seriously running out of time too.
In a nutshell; I took my finals and passed them all (pretty well actually..:, I graduated --> graduation was awesome (I'll write about it more next post), I went on a holiday for a whole week after that on Curacao! :) And then came straight to Chicago to start Kaplan on the 28th, which is a live prep course for the American (USMLE) board exams. The moment I got here my laptop crashed (yes another one!!) and it took me a while to get it replaced... Plus the schedule is seriously intense; am downstairs (the course is all-in in a resort) at 7:30 and usually we dont get done till 5:30 and then ... oh well you guys understand.
But despite the changes (not bad ones) just so that you guys know (in case you were wondering...); I am doing really good, life is good; I am just seriously busy and maybe a little overwhelmed with the real life sinking in here...:) haha

But I promise I will try harder to write more updates from now on! :)

Lots of love


Blogger Rijlaarsdam said...

Laptop crasher, aka Fietje!

Leuk dat je weer even wat laat weten. Je dagelijkse programma is goed (d)ruk zo te lezen. Weinig tijd voor leuke dingen doen.. Resort? Er wordt voor je gezorgd dus? Das makkelijk..kost wat, hebbie ook wat. Hier alles prima nog steeds en ik zal weer eens een update plaatsen.

6:24 PM  

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