Sunday, November 05, 2006

Going gaga

O my god this step 1 stuff is driving me crazy. I've been home for almost 4 weeks now!! and I've only finished 2 subjects (granted I do know them [really] well). And yes the first week didn't really count seeing I didn't actually study and stuff... (how good am I at rationalization/ making up excuses?)
Before starting Kaplan I was planning on taking the Step 1 on the 15th of November, but then Kaplan showed me that a lot more work needed to be done so I planned it on the 21st. Then I realized I was not going to be even near to ready by then so I moved it to the 28th and now I am contemplating moving it to the 5th of December...
So new resolution: don't think about it too much and just keep going.
How does that sound? In any way believable? :) hahaha

Well but at least studying has become way more fun; Hannah and Floor have exams so are studying too and that makes company! :)

K today is questionbank day, so I better get started...

Talk to you all soon!


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